About Us

At Global Data Solutions, our founders are IT professionals who have experience with enterprises ranging from startups to Fortune 500™ companies. With the aid of high-quality professionals and matured, proven processes, we deliver innovative and timely solutions that drive the growth of all types of businesses worldwide.


We understand that every customer is different. A small business does not have the same requirements as a major corporation. As such, we develop strategies for every customer that is specific to them to help them succeed.


Execution is as important as planning. Without good execution, no business can grow. Our professionals are experts in the execution of strategies and plans.


You want an IT team that has the knowledge and skills to fulfill your requests. Our team of professionals is highly experienced and is always ready to help customers achieve their goals.


Our professionals work as a team with customers. They also interact with each other to help customers solve their computer-related problems. Our goal and mission is to help our customers achieve their business goals with minimum cost and effort through our world-class team of consultants. We maximize our customers’ ROI by working very closely with them and by providing timely advice.