Privacy Policy

Global Data Solutions tracks and collects visitor data and also analyzes the traffic on our website. This is basically done to help us have a deeper understanding of our customer interests and preferences. We use the data we gather to improve our website and services in order to enhance the general visitor experience on our site.

Whenever you visit our site and are navigating through the pages, cookies, that store some information, and the particular pages you visit are downloaded into your computer. There are no personal details contained in the cookie and we use the information exclusively for analytical purposes. The browser you use usually determines how the cookies get installed. You can choose to either block or allow cookies to be installed.

You may also choose whether or not to get a notification before our cookies are installed into your computer. The cookies are safe and they neither have any malware nor do they pose a risk to your computer. Global Data Solutions assures its visitors that the information we get is strictly for analytical and experience improvement purposes. We do not sell, trade or give any of the information to third parties for marketing, data mining or any other purposes.